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The Midwestern Council Story

Roaring down a curvy road, wheel to wheel, you blast down long straights, then hard on the brakes, hook into the turns… just you, your car, and the competition. That’s what road racing is like! The Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs has found a niche for itself as well as a national reputation for its highly competitive programs and members.

Originally run on private estates and closed-off public roads in the 40’s and early 50’s, amateur road racing has moved to closed circuit tracks. In 1958, a number of racing clubs found that rising insurance and track rental costs were making individual club racing programs prohibitively expensive. They joined together to form the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs to set competition and licensing procedures and to coordinate race dates in order to facilitate the participation by the drivers of all member clubs. Today, although the club count has risen to 7 with over 800 members spread throughout the Midwest, the structure of the Council is still basically one of autonomous individual clubs joined together in Motorsports programs. Acting as a regulating and coordinating body, the Council sanctions between 10 and 14 events annually, most sponsored by individual clubs. The Council itself runs three Driver School sessions each year where new drivers are trained, tested, and observed in on-track situations before qualifying for Novice Competition Licenses. The Council issues three levels of licenses: Temporary Permit (for Driver School), Novice License (upon satisfactory completion of Driver School) and Full Competition License. Full Competition License holders can also seek to qualify for Instructor Certification to teach at Driver Schools.

All cars participating in wheel-to-wheel events sanctioned by the Midwestern Council must meet strict regulations for safety and race worthiness. Divers are also required to wear a helmet, racing suit, shoes, and gloves, which meet strict regulations for safety and fire protection. These safety requirements, thorough pre-race tech inspections, and extensive track side safety equipment; combined with the Council’s Driver School program, produce one of the finest safety records in Motorsports today.

In more recent years, the Midwestern Council has adopted two new venues for Motorsports enthusiasts. The first of these two forms of competition is High Speed Autocross. Autocross enables those who don’t want wheel-to-wheel competition a place to test their driving skills without having to go through the expense and time dedication licensed road racing requires. Competitors use their own street cars and compete on a race track against the clock. Four different groups divide the level of preparation of the cars in the Autocross group from stock to race prepared cars. If you wish the thrill and excitement of racing but cannot afford the commitment to wheel-to-wheel racing, High Speed Autocross (HSAX) has what you are looking for.

HPDE (High Performance Drivers Education) lapping days let you get your street or race car on the track and stretch the legs, with over two hours of track time throughout the day in rotating groups.

Vintage/Historic racing has become very popular in the United States and Midwestern Council has a program for the person looking to have fun in a vintage/historic car. Vintage racing allows its participants to race their vintage automobiles without the competition of door to door racing.

Our General Competition Rules

All competition sanctioned and conducted by MCSCC is held under the auspices of the General Competition Rules. Changes may be made during an event with the approval of the Event Chief Steward to allow for unique circumstances. All participants should have a copy of the GCR, either in print or digitally, at any event they are participating in. click here to review or obtain the most recent copy of the GCR.

Our Tracks


Autobahn Country Club Joliet

3795 Center Point Way – Joliet, Illinois 60436

North Circuit: 1.46 miles – 40 ft. wide, 9 turns (6 right, 3 left) Pole left (Built in 2005)

South Circuit: 2.1 miles – 40 ft. wide, 15 turns (9 right, 6 left) Pole right (Built in 2005)

Full Circuit: 3.56 miles – 40 ft. wide, 19 turns (10 right, 9 left) Pole left (Built in 2005)

Track Map

Situated on 350 acres of gently rolling countryside, the Autobahn Country Club features two challenging road courses that, when combined, create the second longest racing venue in the US.

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Blackhawk Farms Raceway

15538 Prairie Road – South Beloit, Illinois 61080

Circuit length: 1.95 miles, 7 turns (4 right, 3 left) Pole right (Built in 1967)

Track Map

Blackhawk was designed by racer, Jerry Dunbar. It has 7 corner flagging stations (4 right, 3 left). A bend was later added between turns 3 and 4. Technically, the course consists of 11 turns (7 right, 4 left). The facility is a non-spectator club track situated on 219 acres of flat terrain. It is centrally located between Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. The track currently hosts events for the Midwestern Council, SCCA, VSCDA, and SVRA clubs.

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Milwaukee Mile

640 S 84th Street – West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Oval track: 1.03 miles, 4 turns (4 left)  (Built in 1903)

Road circuit: 1.8 miles, 10 turns (7 right, 3 left) includes 1-mile oval, Pole right  (Built in 1954)

Track Map

The Mile is the oldest operating motor speedway in the world, its first race was on September 11, 1903. The infield road course was built in 1954 and repaved in 2005.

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Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI

7390 N Hwy 67 – Plymouth, WI 53073

Circuit length: 4.048 miles, 14 turns (10 right, 4 left) Pole right  (Built in 1955)

Track Map

Live Webcam

Road America was designed and built by Clif Tufte in 1955 after the Village of Elkhart Lake stopped hosting races on open roads following the nation-wide ban. “America’s National Park of Speed” is one of the oldest and best circuits in North America. The storied four-mile, 14-turn road circuit has a legendary history and maintains its original configuration, which is located on 640-acres in the middle of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine.

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GingerMan Raceway

61414 County Rd 388 – South Haven, Michigan 49090

Circuit length: 2.14 miles 11 turns  (Built in 1995)

Track Map

GingerMan Raceway is a private track on a 350-acre site. The original circuit was 1.88 miles and is now 2.14 miles long with a newer corner extension. This relatively new facility was built on vacant farmland, which contained aged apple and cherry orchards. The track layout was developed by Alan Wilson of Motorsports Development, Denver, Colorado, to take advantage of the natural terrain. Track grading and paving was done by Klett Construction Company, a local firm, using special polymerized asphalt material formulated to stand up to the stresses of racing and Michigan winters.

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Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs Board Meetings

Executive and Competition Board meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month beginning at 8:00 p.m. until business is concluded. These meetings are held to address the needs of the represented MCSCC member clubs.

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