Mazda Motorsports Program Details


David Cook
Mazda Motorsports
1444 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614

How to claim Mazda Motorsports Contingency? 

  1. Follow all program requirements outlined below.
  2. Register for the Mazda Motorsports Contingency Program.
  3. Complete Mazda Motorsports Contingency Claim Form once the official results have been published

Registration Requirements

  • Registration is required for this program and must be completed once per year and prior to the start of event you plan to compete in.

Usage Requirements

  1. Decals Requirement: YES
  2. Suit Patch Requirement: YES
  3. # of Decals: 3
  4. # of Suit Patch: 1
  5. Location:
    1. The 16-inch Mazda decal is to be placed on the front nose or front hood of the race car. The 22-inch Mazda decal is to be placed on both rear fenders/quarter panels; to order the decals (color-specific), the part numbers are: 0000-10-0022-XX (for 22-inch) and 0000-10-0016-XX (for 16-inch). The XX would be “BK” for black, “SL” for silver, “WH” for white, and “CH” for chrome; those are the only compliant colors.
  6. Patch must be sewn on or embroidered in the pocket area of the suit.
  7. Decal and Patch availability: Decals and Patch will be provided once registered