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Race Staff

Showing up at one of our competition events without any previous experience can be a big step. Midwestern Council Race Staff Clinics are designed to give people a little slower introduction to our events.

At our clinics, we will take a more personal approach to finding where you might fit in. Our experienced and friendly volunteers will give you an introduction to most all of the volunteer positions we have available.

We have two types of Clinics; Clinics held at the race track and Clinics held elsewhere. Race Staff Clinics held at the race track are normally held in conjunction with our racing schools. This makes for a low pressure environment for everyone. Occasionally, we also hold clinics at special events. These normally happen before the racing season starts.

We typically hold three Race Staff Clinics at track events each season; At both Drivers Schools and at our Road America event.

For more information on how to participate, go to our How To page!