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Wrap Guyz Sprint Race Series

The Sprint Race Championship Series has been the foundation for Midwestern Council for the past 60 plus years. The series features Improved Touring, Production, Grand Touring, Street Tuner, Formula, Sports Racer, and Vintage Historic racing on the same weekend. Competitors race for trophies and season championship points. The emphasis is on intense competition in a fun and safe environment.

Open Wheel Classes
Open Wheel racing with Midwestern Council consists of multiple different classes of open wheel Formula cars and Sports Racer cars. Midwestern Council has multiple different levels of open wheel classes consisting of the long running Formula Vee and Formula Ford classes to our fastest Formula A and Formula C classes. There are also multiple different levels of Sports Racers ranging from Sports 2000 cars to A, C, and D Sports Racers.

Closed Wheel Classes
There are five distinct levels of cars under the closed wheel banner in Midwestern Council. Improved Touring, Spec Miata, Production, Grand Touring, and Street Tuner. Improved Touring cars are the lowest level of preparation needed for racing in all on Midwestern Council with cars ranging from simple four cylinder cars to high performance cars. The ever popular Mazda Miata is utilized the close racing spec racing series of Spec Miata, based on the improved touring level of preparation. Production cars are based on street cars that are highly prepared versions on slick racing tires. Grand Touring cars takes car preparation to the next level, with tube frame and highly modified cars. Last, but certainly not least, our Street Tuner class has a limited set of rules that allows all cars, divided by engine displacement and if they have forced induction. All Street Tuner cars are only allowed to run DOT tires and follows Improved Touring safety requirements.

Vintage Historic Class
Vintage Historic Racing allows all pre 1975 race cars that meet the rules of the class of the era. Midwestern Council Vintage Historic events are intended to provide the enjoyment of racing the older cars, as opposed to the all out contest for victory. The racing is designed for sports cars raced before slick racing tires became standard equipment on road racing cars. Vintage Races are competitive events that will be run with safety for the car and driver as foremost considerations.

For more information on how to participate, go to our How To page!