COVID-19 Announcement

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3-30-2020 It has been an extraordinary past month as our world faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. As a result, many early season event have been canceled by racing organizations across the world. Taking into account the latest updates from the CDC, health officials, the Federal Government, and state's individual responses [...]

Revisions to Street Tuner

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Click Here to download this announcement as a PDF Jared Cromas and the Street Tuner committee has worked with the MCSCC President David Wessel, Devin Anderson - IT Committee Chairperson and Ralph Hansen in his role as Competition Director to work out the details of a new class structure for ST. Jared has successfully received approval [...]

2020 Event Schedule

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The 2020 Schedule of Events is set! Go to the Event Schedule Page or take a look below for the basics. Hope to see you there! April 25-26 – Blackhawk Farms Raceway April 25 – April Driver’s School April 26 – Wheel to Wheel Sprint Race #1 May 23-25 – Blackhawk Farms Raceway May 23 – [...]