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HPDE / Track Days

Midwestern Council’s HPDE program provides everyone the opportunity to get out on track. The only requirements are your car and your helmet and a valid driver’s license. We give everyone from first time beginners to highly experienced drivers the ability to get their car out on track at minimum cost.

HPDE participants are split up into three groups, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced/Competition.

Novice – The Novice group is for the beginners. Novice drivers will start out the day going over the basics, before going out on track. Each driver then has the opportunity to be paired up with an instructor to help learn the lines and proper procedures.

Intermediate – The Intermediate group is for those drivers that have some experience, but are not experts on the track. This group is great for those learning new tracks or new cars.

Advanced/Competition – The Advanced/Competition group allows those drivers with years of experience or competition licenses to hit the track. This is great for racers to test and tune their cars for the following days races, or to just get extra seat time at a new track.

For more information on how to participate, go to our How To page!