High Speed Autocross / HSAX

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High Speed Autocross / HSAX

High Speed Autocross with Midwestern Council is the perfect way to see what your street car can do against the clock. No matter what you have, we can get you in a class with competitive competition that will have you coming back for more.

If you have never been on the track before, no problem. Our highly skilled HSAX instructors can give you the skills to be comfortable and safe out on track the same day of the event for no extra cost. If you wish to get more hands-on learning, we also have full day High Speed Autocross schools available throughout the season for an additional cost.

Available with our High Speed Autocross, is a full morning of our High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) program. With this, you can get up to an hour of track time to either learn the track, or get the setup on your car just right.

For more information on how to participate, including reserving permanent Car Numbers, go to our How To page!