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High Performance Driver’s Education – HOW TO

Who is eligible?
Anyone who has a car in good condition with no visible rust and has a valid driver’s license can compete. Minors will need a legal guardian at the track at all times and are required to go through a full day of Driver’s School.

To pre-register for an event, simply go to and click on the event you wish to register. If you miss out on pre-registration, you can still register at the track on the same day as the event!

The only classification is the group in which you are participating in; Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. No other classification is needed.

Technical Inspection
We leave this portion up to you. Make sure your car is capable of handling high speed corners safely. Make sure your brakes and suspension are in proper working order! See the ‘Forms & Files’ section under Members and Friends for an example tech sheet.

Safety Inspection
All participants are required to have a Helmet and long sleeves/pants. We recommend full face Snell approved helmets within the last 10 years. For a full list of acceptable helmets, please go to the High Speed Autocross portion of our General Competition Rules. Convertible cars are not required to have roll bars, but it is highly recommended.

At the Track
Once you arrive at the track, you will go through registration. There, you will receive your tech sheet. You will then self tech your car, making sure all numbers and classes are properly displayed and the car is in good condition. You will then go through tech with all your equipment and get your tech sticker. The first thing that will happen in the morning is the required drivers meeting. This is where you will get all the information
you need to have a fun and safe day out on track.

Normal HPDE Day
There are two different types of HPDE events, half day and full day. The half day HPDE events are normally accompanied with our High Speed Autocross event, and each group will get 3 sessions on track. For full day HPDE events, each group will get 6 to 8 sessions over the course of the day.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact our HSAX Director.