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Race Staff – How To

How to Volunteer
One of the best things about auto racing is that more people make the competition better. The same can be said for the volunteers that make the events happen – the more we have, the better the events are. Below is a brief list of some of the volunteer race staff opportunities we have available. We have a specialty for just about everyone:

Flagging and Communications
Often referred to as the second best seat in the house (the best being IN a race car).

Safety and Rescue
Do you like Big trucks, Flashing lights and picking up wrecked cars? S&R may be for you.

Technical Inspection
Your chance to see the cars up close and personal while you verify the car’s race preparation.

The easiest way to volunteer is to just show up at one of our events. We ALWAYS need and welcome volunteers.

If you wish, feel free to contact us before any event with any questions you may have at We promise to respond to emails quickly and thoroughly.

If you are okay just showing up, please show up at the track before 8am. We always have a registration booth setup at the entrance to the track. Tell the people there you would like to volunteer as Race Staff for the event. That should be enough to get you in the door and pointed in the right direction.