BFR Guidelines During the COVID-19 Precautionary Period
In response to new health risks created by gatherings of multiple people, we are implementing
additional precautions to lessen the potential transmission of COVID-19 to our participants and staff.

When you arrive at BFR

1. If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone displaying symptoms, stay at home. If
you should become sick during an event, see our medical staff and/or leave the facility
2. Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the event. Please allow extra time to get
through the gate.
3. Wear a face covering when presenting your documents to registration. Maintain social
distancing whenever possible remaining 6 feet from other individuals. All participants must go
through the registration process to gain access to the track.
4. Track waivers must be signed and witnessed at the track.
5. Participants must bring their own hand sanitizer. Everyone should practice frequent hand
washing. Additional hand sanitizing stations will be available in the paddock area.
6. Participants are required to provide their own personal gear. Sharing personal equipment is
7. The restrooms and porta-potties will be available and sanitized frequently. Facial covering is
required in the restrooms.

Paddock and Grid Areas

1. The Illinois Department of Public Health mandates the use of a face covering for everyone over
the age of 2 who can medically tolerate one.
2. All participants must wear a face covering when outside their personal paddock space, both
indoors and outdoors.
3. Concessions will be available. Food will be available at the window while maintaining social
4. Seating in the Pavilion area may be available for dining with tables arranged to allow for 6 feet
between. Groups sitting together are limited to parties of up to 10 people. When the Pavilion
is unavailable, participants will need to use the limited outdoor seating near the Pavilion or in
the Hawk’s Nest or return to their paddock areas.
5. Communication with drivers/racers/riders will be done via the PA system and/or FM radio.
6. Each driver/racer/rider will be allowed 6 crew, family members, or guests. Organizers and
sanctioning bodies have the right to revise this number. Please verify your event regulations.
7. Drivers/racers/riders will paddock 10 feet from each other and maintain 6 feet social
distancing when outside their personal paddock space.
8. Camping will be available. Campsites must be spaced 10 feet apart.
9. BFR will refine procedures for classroom sessions to accommodate social distancing.
10. BFR is offering organizers and sanctioning bodies the option to develop plans and procedures
specific to their individual events to operate safely according to the CDC, the State of Illinois
Department of Public Health, and the Winnebago County Department of Public Health.
BFR is partnering with organizers and sanctioning bodies to ensure compliance with these
guidelines. Failure to follow the BFR guidelines may result in your removal from the facility.